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Partner Diary : Your digital friend.

In this diary, you can bring wherever you want, it will with you 24×7. You can wrinte your all work in this diary and email notification also available herewith.

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Partner Office : Clients followups.

This is also a free software where you can handle your clients and also follow then. Also you can write comments and update them by date following.

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Partner B2B : Search anything nearby

This is b2b portal where you can search anything for take any type of services, you can also add yourself as business partner for provide your service.

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Partner Eshop: Online Shopping

This is ecommerce online marketplace where you can purchase or buy any type of item free of cost. Register yourself and be seller within some time.

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Partner Demo: Demo for website.

Here make your own demo website and choose any one of them, its depend on you what you choose. Here all static / dynamic / ecommerce website..

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Partner Classified: Post Anything

Free Post your Add for Computer Laptop anywhere in India or classifieds in India, Classified ads in India, Online Classified best website for Advertising

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Partner Infotech: Web / Softwares

We provide you service for website design, customised software and mobile app as per your requirement, also update websites / softwares

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Partner Friends: a Friends Zone

This plateform will provide you friend zone where you can share your photos, videos, feelings with games and full entertainment.

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Partner Messenger: Secret Message

There you can send message to anyone, your id will hide, nobody can trace your id. Message will go successfully to person and he will read.

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About us

The Partner is a job posting company that provides potential employees jobs that are the ideal fit for them. When jobs are so hard to come by these days, it’s a blessing to have a service like The Partner to showcase the different jobs that are available for people who can give value to a particular firm. 

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