Everything you need to know about job postings

The Partners: Everything you need to know about job postings 

If you are searching for a job, chances are, you are also viewing different job postings that are paramount to your success in working for a great firm. However, most people don’t really get the main grasp of what job postings are, which is why there are still those who can’t land a job online.

Fear not, because today, you’ll be learning a few things about job postings and how to increase your likelihood of getting hired here at The Partner. 

What are job postings? 

Job postings, also known as job ads, are the methods of which companies use to hire people for different positions. In the traditional sense, job posts are displayed in newspapers’ classified ads section where people can find different jobs that interest them. 

Additionally, the use of technology now has shifted job postings online where people can find a job through different websites. A job posting online is similar to a newspaper classified, but the obvious delineation is that the postings are all found online. 

There are application tracking systems for people who apply for a job in these online conventions where people before only send out their resumes using the post office. 

There are many features that make job postings convenient for job seekers like an automated resume builder and intuitive registration pages where a simple click can point to the right column and rows in jotting down the personal information required. 

Types of job postings

There are two types of job postings, and they are:

Internal job postings

Internal job postings are job ads that remain within the company. In other words, these are distributed to existing employees only. The positions required by the company are only given to the current employees due to trust of work and proof that the current employees have the ability to do the job because they are the company’s own. 

Furthermore, internal job postings are mostly promotional where a hardworking employee who deserves a spot to an elevated role will be given so long as said employee applies for it. Sometimes, the organisation delegates the role to employees automatically. Either way, it won’t go outside of the organisation and walk-ins are never considered for internal job postings. 

External job postings

External job postings are jobs that are available for people outside of the company. This means that companies need new faces for their firms. This is due to a multitude of reasons, one of which is the fact that the company is expanding. 

It’s usually a good sign when firms are looking for more employees. It’s always great to have more jobs in the market, and companies are lauded for mass hiring. However, there’s a caveat to it.

When employees keep posting external job ads, it can also be a sign of high turnover rates. Turnover rate simply means the percentage of people leaving the company. Usually, the reason for such turnover is a toxic work environment or low compensation. 

Either way, if you’re a fresh graduate, external job postings are what you should vie for because they are the only ones available to you starting out. 

Employer: What to include in your job postings

A well-written job posting and description will entice employees to go after the job that you’re offering. Here are a few tips when posting a job online:

  • The job summary should be concise and well-written. Readers must understand exactly what the job description asks for and what responsibilities are designated to the eventual employee. 
  • Display the culture of the company and what it stands for. You’ll be surprised at how many people would actually go out of their way to go to a company that aligns with their beliefs and values the most. 
  • Post the needed qualifications of the job through the number of years needed in experience of said field and what degrees should be aligned with the job position. 
  • If needing a medical test, always put it in the job description itself to make it easier for the eventual employee to go out and make the necessary plans to process the tests and other procedures that need to be followed. 
  • Also include the preferred style of application like online, face to face, or chat. 
  • Give a brief overview of the whole job itself in a separate paragraph. Just like companies, potential employees don’t want huge chunks of information being given to them, so if the job demands a longer job description, then make sure to have a short synopsis at either the start of the paragraph or the last part. 

What makes a job ad effective? 

There are many indicators that show how a job ad is effective. Here are some of the few effective signs that a job posting is doing a good ‘job’: 

  • A creative title is seen, and immediately readers notice it and are interested in finding more about the job. 
  • Keywords are positioned in the right way that helps for SEO measures and not sounding too robotic and forced at the same time. 
  • The descriptions are concise and aren’t confusing. The moment you read the job ad, you knew exactly what it means and what the responsibilities are when becoming an official member of the organisation. 
  • The tone of writing in the job ad is friendly and docile. There’s no need to be wary about what the job entails, and you’re even excited to apply when you read the ad itself. 

These are extremely important because you can get some of the best people for the job if you follow the best ways to make your job ad stand out.

Employee: How to find the right job posting for you

On the employee’s side of things, it may be a bit overwhelming to check all the job ads at first glance, but there is actually a way to mitigate this and find it easier to look for the best job out there:

Be open to any job

It may sound counterintuitive when looking for a job that must be in line with your field, but looking for any jobs that might fit your skills will help you work in no time. For instance, when you graduated in the Political Science field, you might think to yourself that going for anything related to it is the ideal way to go.

But that’s just the thing, it’s hard looking for particular jobs in certain fields and even more so when factoring in the odds that the company will accept you in the first place. So having a Political Science degree doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go for a sales-related field or a writing job. Be open to the possibility, and let the opportunity come to you.

Always read the job description carefully

When you’re interested in a job, it’s best to read the description very carefully so you won’t get confused during the interview. Read line by line as they are crucial for your eventual job someday, and learning the responsibilities will help you get ready for work when you are hired eventually.

Also, the interviewer might ask you a few questions about the job, which leads us to the next point. 

Research the company and the job

This is a classic tip that most people will tell you to do when looking for a job. If you’ve had your eyes on a company for a while, it helps that you research about it religiously so that any questions coming your way won’t be too hard to answer. 

Researching a company that you’re interested in will also show the employers that you are truly interested in working for them. It shows a level of commitment that companies appreciate. 

Watch out for ‘too good to be true’ job postings

There are certain job ads out there that are extremely misleading and fraudulent that they offer extreme prices that will only end up costing you so much time without compensation. There are certain job ads that just look odd at first glance. 

Always trust your gut when it comes to these things, and be wary of scammy job posts that will lure you into a bad experience where you can’t recoup the time and effort wasted. Always fact-check these companies to get a better understanding of who they really are and what they represent. From there, you should know whether or not to push through with the application. 

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