The Partner: FAQs and reviews

In The Partner, we have satisfied so many employees by getting their new firms where they are working full-time that give value to the company that they are working for. Here are the following FAQs and reviews that might help you try out our services:

How do I register?

By clicking the register button on our website, you can create an account using your email address and input the contact and personal information that you have available. Be sure to be accurate when putting down the details of your personal information so as not to make any inconsistencies with your application.

How do I send my resume? 

First things first, you need to make a resume from an application. When done, click submit resume in the main user interface and review the details to avoid inconsistencies. After submitting your resume, you can expect the whole text to appear in the view of the employer with all the needed information available for them to read. 

How many job posts do you have every day?

There are over hundreds of jobs offered on our site a day, so be sure to refresh your browser one in a while by clicking the refresh button to check if there are new postings. There is no shortage of jobs offered, so you don’t need to worry about not getting the perfect job for you!


Here are a few reviews from different users who took advantage of our site for job hunting:

“When I was looking for a job, I had no idea where to go. I tried using other platforms but to no avail. The worst thing about the other sites I used when hunting for a job is that it takes so long for employers to check my resume,

In The Partner, employers will notify me right away if they’re going to go forward with my resume or not. And a few months later after using the site, I’m now a junior accountant who’s about to get a huge promotion soon. Thank you, The Partner, for this wonderful opportunity!” Larry

“When choosing to find a job, I took a gamble and went with The Partner to apply for an engineer position in a great company. Had I gone for other sites, I wouldn’t have been named a lead engineer and earning six figures by my 7th month. 

The site was so intuitive and my employers immediately pushed forward with my application without any wait times.” – Frank 

Build your career now by visiting The Partner! 

Are you stuck in job hunting and feel like you should start your career? Then look no further than The Partner to kickstart the opportunity of you getting the dream job you’ve always desired! When you are in a conundrum with our site, feel free to contact us!